a bit of Hatyai

I was in Hatyai on 3rd to 4th of June, during the weekend. Just a one night stay but YEAH it was fun! Say no more..

The border was packed, we had to queue at least an hour. Lucky enough I could use a border pass instead of passport. Bertuah beb jadi orang Kedah! Please orang Kuantan jangan jeles hahaha ^,^

And here is the floating market, a very good place to try out yummy foods. Takyah risau nak dapat makanan Halal kat sini, berlambak! Lagi murah cari makan kat sini daripada pegi makan kedai. Mahal and maybe you can get cheated -.-' true story.

Don't ask why so few pictures taken. Wargh! Due to technical problem, kamera tadak bateri la, cas tak masuk laaaaa.. Aih. So most memories are stuck right here in my brain, for a few months.. Tahun depan sure lupa.

Thanks to my parents for taking me there. xoxo

I've been missing writing here. Very much. :'3


  1. no hal la. thailand bukan best pon. aha

  2. haaa~ akhirnya kmu muncul pun wat entry baru! :D bgus2...

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