The baddest dream

Here we are again, squeezing through my tight schedule just to write something down. 

People say it's a bad thing to talk about your bad dream.

Now, I'm sure everyone had this sad dream, that when you wake up, you literally, I mean literally cry. I had this dream a few days ago, and man, was I not able to forget about it. This thought in my head-
What if it will really happen??

Pretty much breaks me and I started crying again. Whada crybaby!


It is 2014...

This blog came back to me in form of spams. Who keeps sending me spam comments, well u guys sucks. Yet I take a look at this old rusty blog I used to care. This childish, girlish ways of life is still me, I believe, but yet I grew..

1. I am now engaged to not the guy I want to murder years ago (my ex), but to my second chance of love. I believe u still owe me an official proposal! Romance actually really dies.... At least in the way I see it :p

 2. Quality Assurance/Control is where I put my passion to. Thing is, I don't really notice the subject yet here I am.

3. I used to social networking a lot, then I took a job and actually have a bed curfew. Zzzzz boring!

4. I really hope to write again... See u soon! (am talking to myself)

Bye love!



You know the feeling when you open the freezer, you look for your favourite ice cream which was ALWAYS there but then it wasn't there?

That kind of feeling, like a bit of down added with some frustration. You keep on looking but you couldn't possibly find where it is. Then you started to figure out What, Where and How would that ice cream gone.

But you can never find the reason why.. Cause you just made up the theory that someone may have eaten the ice cream or throw it away. But then.. Maybe and possibly the best reason is that you NEVER bought the ice cream in the first place. You didn't even realize that. You got that? No? Me either.

It doesn't makes sense.

I started to miss the little things..

  1. Writing. Telling. Sharing. This is a start I think.
  2. Forgiving.. - The hardest thing to do.
  3. Giving. I accept too much I forgot to give, to appreciate..
  4. Grateful. I took many step forwards, I didn't thank anyone on my way..
  5. Believing.. I should have never stop believing in myself, in you, you and you..
  6. Trust. I put trust in others, but not in myself.

You see why I didn't realize that I didn't bought the ice cream? I was being selfish, I forgot.
You can never blame others for your action, and neither can I.

The thing is, we can be such a bitch to ourselves. A bitch is a bitch, always so freakin' insane in a way, but a human in nature.

Blahblahbla.. I'm talking crap. This is all for November post I guess? Byezz



Dear August,

                    Do you remember what happened to July? Do tell me. Hope to hear from you soon.



a bit of Hatyai

I was in Hatyai on 3rd to 4th of June, during the weekend. Just a one night stay but YEAH it was fun! Say no more..

The border was packed, we had to queue at least an hour. Lucky enough I could use a border pass instead of passport. Bertuah beb jadi orang Kedah! Please orang Kuantan jangan jeles hahaha ^,^

And here is the floating market, a very good place to try out yummy foods. Takyah risau nak dapat makanan Halal kat sini, berlambak! Lagi murah cari makan kat sini daripada pegi makan kedai. Mahal and maybe you can get cheated -.-' true story.

Don't ask why so few pictures taken. Wargh! Due to technical problem, kamera tadak bateri la, cas tak masuk laaaaa.. Aih. So most memories are stuck right here in my brain, for a few months.. Tahun depan sure lupa.

Thanks to my parents for taking me there. xoxo

I've been missing writing here. Very much. :'3