It is 2014...

This blog came back to me in form of spams. Who keeps sending me spam comments, well u guys sucks. Yet I take a look at this old rusty blog I used to care. This childish, girlish ways of life is still me, I believe, but yet I grew..

1. I am now engaged to not the guy I want to murder years ago (my ex), but to my second chance of love. I believe u still owe me an official proposal! Romance actually really dies.... At least in the way I see it :p

 2. Quality Assurance/Control is where I put my passion to. Thing is, I don't really notice the subject yet here I am.

3. I used to social networking a lot, then I took a job and actually have a bed curfew. Zzzzz boring!

4. I really hope to write again... See u soon! (am talking to myself)

Bye love!

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