You know the feeling when you open the freezer, you look for your favourite ice cream which was ALWAYS there but then it wasn't there?

That kind of feeling, like a bit of down added with some frustration. You keep on looking but you couldn't possibly find where it is. Then you started to figure out What, Where and How would that ice cream gone.

But you can never find the reason why.. Cause you just made up the theory that someone may have eaten the ice cream or throw it away. But then.. Maybe and possibly the best reason is that you NEVER bought the ice cream in the first place. You didn't even realize that. You got that? No? Me either.

It doesn't makes sense.

I started to miss the little things..

  1. Writing. Telling. Sharing. This is a start I think.
  2. Forgiving.. - The hardest thing to do.
  3. Giving. I accept too much I forgot to give, to appreciate..
  4. Grateful. I took many step forwards, I didn't thank anyone on my way..
  5. Believing.. I should have never stop believing in myself, in you, you and you..
  6. Trust. I put trust in others, but not in myself.

You see why I didn't realize that I didn't bought the ice cream? I was being selfish, I forgot.
You can never blame others for your action, and neither can I.

The thing is, we can be such a bitch to ourselves. A bitch is a bitch, always so freakin' insane in a way, but a human in nature.

Blahblahbla.. I'm talking crap. This is all for November post I guess? Byezz

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